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Campaigners offer the Eagles Program for ages 4 to 6 years. This teaches basic socialization skills in which children learn to share with others of their own age. The Steps Award is provided. Play Corner, Activity Corner.Games Corner and Bible Corner provide an evening or an afternoon of activity. . "Connor" and "Chloe" are characters that have been introduced into Eagles with stories that work out the Bible message in everyday life for children of this age group. * * *

The Junos Program for ages 6 to 10 years has various "Times" during the after school meeting. Entrance Time, Games Time, Craft Time, Bible Time and Exit Time. In addition, a "Challenge" lasting for half a school term provides the children with an opportunity to share with other children in the group. Junos aim at reaching "Targets" for which Awards are received. For those Junos who proceed more rapidly through achievement of the Targets, there are 4 Projects and Proficiency Certificates that may be awarded.

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Cross Trax is for "Tweenagers" aged 10 - 14 Cross Trax teaches a life skills program where the young people learn and pracice new skills. This includes teaching Drugs Awareness, using materials through www.http://hopeuk.org, teaching them how to handle money, Participating in Projects that last half a school term such as Tracking & Woodcraft using signs made from sticks, grass or using chalk on stones to indicate the right direction to take, and other Projects where the group can work together as a team. Bible time includes Looking at the Book, God's Library.

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Make friends - make disciples with Delta groups. Delta is unique. It is not only for Church based groups, but also for individuals through an on line program. This means that any teenager 13+. anywhere, whether a member of a Campaigner linked Church or not may join Delta.Those teens who register on line design their own Service Projects and are eligible to work for The Duke of Edinburg Award. By registering for Delta on line, the teenager becomes part of of a rather large 'Virtual Delta Group'. To register for Delta on line: click here

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Delta Church based Groups are teen led, and adult mentored An Apprentice leader is trained in Group 1 so that when Group numbers exceed 8, the Apprentice becomes Leader of Group 2 and trains another Apprentice within Group 2 to become Leader of a third Group. Limiting each Group to 8 members, fosters close personal relationships with the Group. An empty chair placed within the Group encourages members to pray for a friend to come to fill the empty chair. The Pastor of the Chuurch becomes the Chaplain and oversees the leadership of the Groups.

Further enquiries about the Eagles, Junos, Crosstrax and Delta Programs are welcomed on request

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Eagles ages 4 - 6 yrs

Junos ages 6 - 10 yrs

Crosstrax ages 10 - 13

Delta for Teens ages 13 upwards


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