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Dear Friends, thank you for praying for the Mission of Campaigners. In this October issue, we ask you to pray for the ongoing efforts of Centres to re-open their Groups, and looking forward to the Leaders Forum in November. our camps 2021 Program, for the impact of 'Lifeline' initiatives, and a fresh look at Crosstrax (Inters). Should you feel you've received a Word from the Lord, please do share it with us.

  • Please pray for: The reopening of all our Campaigner Centers. Pray that the limited contact maintained during the closure may not affect the resumption of Groups
  • The issues causing concern during limited contact: The older kids not wanting to wear masks, the unavailability of places to meet, and the list of rules and regulations and risk assessments that weigh heavily on Leaders
  • The Eagle and Juno Group at St Mark's Sheffield who had to temporarily close in 2015 because the Leaders circumstances changed adversely. We now hear that the vision for children and young people at St Mark's continues and the need is for 'new leaders in the Lord with a heart for the work'
  • The proposed Leaders Forum via Zoom in Novembe. All current Leaders will be invited to join by a separate letter shortly. Our prayer is that we can share our needs and aspirations for The Campaigners as we look forward to a far wider reach internationally
  • Please pray for the Campaigner Trustees: Bob Slade, Maureen Cottrell, Iris Challis, Joy Howell, Sheila Armstrong, Doff Alexander, Laurence and Julie Witchalls and Tim Greenhalgh,

Campaigners is thankful for its Canadian and USA Friends who support and pray for the Youth Ministry. On this page we are pleased to introduce Mr. Peter Yin Git Pang our faithful financial and prayer supporter from Vancouver BC

Robin Carson is Administrator of Campaigners Northern Ireland. 23 groups. Telephone: +44 2825 654455

Since the retirement of Garry Knight as Administrator . Tim Greenhalgh, Development Officer has taken over the work at the Office Please pray for Tim as he is now wearing "Two Hats". .

www.campaignersew.org.uk . E mail address: tim@campaignersew.org.uk The address of the UK Campaigner office is:

The Campaigners, 7 Frankpledge Rd, Cheylesmore, Coventry CV3 5GT England Telephone 44 247 650 5758

Chairman: Bob Slade, Trustees: Laurence and Julie Witchalls, Doff Alexander, Iris Challis, Sheila Armstrong, Trustee and Development Officer: Tim Greenhalgh



Peter Yin Git Pang with a Campaigner Display held at his home church: Church of the Good Shepherd, Vancouver, BC

Northern Ireland

England and Wales


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