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Prayer Partners

"What is the secret of success in work with children and youth? " Some answers may be:

A heart of compassion - Calling - Gifted leaders - An exciting and interesting program - excellent resources - adequate facilities - well funded.

Campaigner Ministries believes that one of the most important aspects is the support of groups through a vibrant, active and dynamic prayer fellowship.

The Campaigner Friends Prayer Partnership extends through Canada, the USA, the British Isles and in many other parts of the world. Whether it be for leaders, a difficult child, a pastoral need, practical support, or a visit, prayer partners are there to help the frontline leaders working with young people. To learn more about the Prayer Partnership click here

E-Pal Update - led by Hannah Pearce, keeps our younger members in touch on line as a vital prayer network. To contact Hannah please email her at hannahpearce@btinternet.com

Hannah and Simon's Family

Hannah and Simon's 10th weddng Anniversary photo

they are raising their family in Staffordshire UK


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