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"What is the secret of success in work with children and youth? Some answers may be:

  • A heart of compassion
  • Calling
  • Gifted leaders
  • An exciting and interesting program
  • Excellent resources
  • Adequate facilities
  • Well funded

Campaigners believes that one of the most important aspects is the support of groups through a vibrant, active and dynamic prayer fellowship.

The Campaigner Friends Prayer Partnership extends through Canada, the USA, the British Isles and in many other parts of the world. To learn how you may become a member of the Campaigners Friends Prayer Partnership click here

This month we are featuring photos of three of our partnering Churches. Please pray for the Campaigner group meetings.

  • Monday. St. Nicholas, Sevenoaks: Craftsmen. St. Paul's Slough: Crosstrax and Delta
  • Tuesday. Bromich Road Mission, Worcester. Emmanuel Church, Morden: Junos
  • Wednesday. Belhus Park Chapel, South Okendon: Eagles, Junos, Inters and Delta
  • Thursday. St. Paul's Slough: Eagles and Junos/li>
  • Friday. Hendon Baptist: Junos, Crosstrax and Delta. Hasbury Christian Fellowship, Halesowen: Junos. Christ Church, Summerfield: Junos, Crosstrax and Delta

Christ Church, Junos, Crosstrax, Delta, Summerfield UK

Give thanks for a new Delta leader and for the good numbers that attend weekly. Ten of the Delta group are participating in the DofE Award scheme. Pray for increased Juno numbers. The main problem is due to families moving out of the local area. Opportunity to attend Campaigner Camp depends upon an adult volunteering to be their camp leader.

Emmanuel Church, Eagles and Junos Groups, Morden UK

Give thanks for the increase in the number of children regularly attending Junos

Saint Peter, Harold Wood UK

Sadly, this center closed July 2018. A celebration service was held in November to give thanks for the 89 years years of Campaigners at St. Peters. The ongoing legacy is the 1000's of young people who have heard the good news of Jesus' saving love. The service also saw DofE Awards given to those who have completed the scheme.


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