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Tim Greenhalgh, the Campaigner Development Director writes: "Thank you for your prayers for The Campaigners in this centennial year as we celebrate a special milestone in our history. A year of celebration must have a party and we are planning something special for Saturday 1st October. The gospel of John chapter 2 verses 1-12 records the wedding party at Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned water into the very best wine. Our hopes and prayers are that Christ will be at the very heart of our celebrations and thanksgiving. Using the wine as a metaphor, that we earnestly pray for a renewal of our gift of youth ministry to the successive generations of the next 100 years. So, as we start a fresh year, let's keep it simple and focus on the new wine that Jesus gives, praying that it would flow through each and every Campaigner, firing us up to share the Good News"

Please click on the link below to join the Campaigners and have access to the age related programs that are built around relationships.. Find out more from our promotional website: This bold vision and project needs your prayers.

  • Help us, Lord, to be open and available to you. May we be flexible wineskins for your new wine. May we be as individuals and as Campaigners, on your mission, let go of the old wine skins and take up the new wine of renewal.
  • As we begin to plan the Viney Hill camp starting Saturday, 30th of July, pray that nothing would stand in the way of it taking place after two years of being cancelled due to Covid.
  • Pray for the publication of a Centennary Lifeline Magazine this year. Pray that many of our current young members and their leaders would be inspired and happy to share their stories and photographs with us to encourage each other and to show the world what a difference being a Campaigner can make.

Our vision is that children and youth, anywhere, may join the Campaigners ON LINE

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Please click on the Resources link on this webpage to find further information on programs for "Eagles", "Junos", "Crosstrax" and "Delta"

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Tim Greenhalgh - Campaigners Development Officer

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