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Photos of friends and volunteers connected with Campaigners in Canada are shown below

They are:

Bruce Smith, Evangelist/Missioner, Toronto. Friend and former Trustee

Pat Hutton, Thunder Bay On, Campaigner Clan Member, Fort William Clan 1956

Dorothy Brown, Sooke BC, Campaigner Representative 1952-2018

George Cole, Brantford ON, Campaigner Clan Member, Brantford Clan 1958-1970


Wilma Miller, Saskatoon SK, Campaigner Clan Member, Duck Lake Clan 1965-1969

Joanne MacFarling, Thunder Bay ON, Campaigner Clan Member Fort William Clan 1958


The Canadian office of Campaigners is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The Office is staffed by two volunteers

Campaigners Canada...........

our website www.campaignerscanada.info

England and Wales website www.campaignersew.org.uk


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