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Photos of friends and volunteers connected with Campaigners in Canada are shown below

They are:

Bruce Smith, Evangelist/Missioner, Toronto. Friend and former Trustee

Pat Hutton, Thunder Bay On, Volunteer and Campaigner Clan Member, Fort William Clan 1956

Dorothy Brown, Sooke BC, Campaigner Representative 1952-2022

George Cole, Brantford ON, Campaigner Clan Member, Brantford Clan 1958-1970


Joanne McFarling Thunder Bay Ontario, Volunteer and Campaigner Clan member 1956

Wilma Miller, Saskatoon SK, Campaigner Clan Member, Duck Lake Clan 1965-1969


The Canadian office of Campaigners is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The Office is staffed by two volunteers

Campaigners Canada

our website www.campaignerscanada.info


our website