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In 2017 we promote the continuity of the Campaigners age related ministry for your Church ***** Eagles ages 4-6, Junos 6-10, Crosstrax 10-13 and Delta 14-18 bring effective Christian programs that are built around relationships. The Delta Program includes working for the D of E - Duke of Edinburg Award. To register for Delta ON LINE: click here

Using Bible based youth resources for children and young people, we bring youth the good news of God's love for them in Christ. *** Campaigners reach out to children and youth across Canada from Bona Vista NL to Vancouver Island BC leading them to Jesus and teaching them to live their lives "Unto Him" in faith and in service.

Please click on the Resources link on this page to find further information on programs for "Eagles", "Junos", "Crosstrax" and "Delta". ***In 2017, we offer "Continuity Through the Age Range" to provide an overview of all four Campaigner Programs. To order a CD, contact click here

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